Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Awesomely Amethyst!!!!

WOW! Scrapbook Steals have amazing weekly sketches on their blog, the current line being AMETHYST. They run for 10 weeks at a time with a winner each week, but if you manage to complete all 10 then you are put forward into a grand prize! Amethyst's grand prize is is LOTS of fun MME goodies (worth $216!!) Well this time I managed to complete ALL 10 layouts - I think it has got to be a first - but the sketches were fab (thanks Kristy). Here is my 'Awesome' Amethyst collection:
 #6 & #9
Hope you like them! All very different but I think I love them all :-)
Now to cross my fingers, toes and everything for the FAB prize :-) x


  1. Had to pin some of them. The are really inspiring:)

  2. wowee! I knew you could do it! they are all so amazing, well done, keeping everything crossed for you! Debxx

  3. your kites are amazing, how did u do them? All your layouts are beautiful, I like the side ways titles

  4. wow you have been super busy! fab job with all of your layouts!

  5. WOW Kerys! Amazing work on all of your layouts! Good Luck, these deserve to win the prize!

  6. wow!!! Good for you and awesome layouts!