Tuesday, December 8, 2015

SN@P! Album Christmas Present

So my 12 year old daughter is into finding inspirational quotes at the moment. She has scraps of paper everywhere, sticky notes stuck to her wall, and notebooks all over her bedroom. I decided to make her a SNAP book for Christmas, to hold all of her quotes in one place.

I used a variety of Simple Stories papers and embellishments.

I also used a number of images from Sassy Cheryl's Stamps. These images worked perfectly with the theme, and lots of the quotes are the titles of the images too!

Warning: this is a LONG post - and this isn't all of the pages!!! Some of the images are a little reflective, as they are in the pocket pages of the album.

The front cover of the album uses the image 'My kind of Weather'. I added some twine, popped up the flower sticker and added some banners with a sentiment.

I have printed the image 'Day Dream Believin' directly onto this lined paper, to allow my daughter to make notes, write quotes etc.

I like a bit of variety in my albums, and so included a pocket page with a couple of note papers inside. Some stickers, tabs and twine just 'jazzed' it up a bit!

This pocket page uses the image 'No. 2 pencil & a dream'. Again there is space for her to add quotes, photos, whatever her heart desires.

I love to have some blank pages for her to write down her own thoughts - this image was perfect - 'Penny for your Thoughts'. I used the image name for the title on the page.

I like to use some images just for decoration. This image is 'Just a little Hello - Maddie'.

I just love this image and quote - but for some reason can't find it in the Sassy Cheryl's shop! I think it was called Just Be You.

More quotes and an image added for a little variety! 'Love Yourself' and 'Quiet Inspiration'.

I love different sized pages, folded pages and pocket pages to add a little variety and interest to the album.

My daughter and her friends are on the local swim team, so this image and quote were perfect for the friends section of this album. The image is 'Swimming makes you free'.

I just love this image - 'Better than a thousand words'. More room to write or doodle.

Another pocket page for photographs or secrets! Jazzed up a bit with the sentiment sticker and card.

My daughter loves to read - and finds many of her quotes from books. These next 2 images were perfect - 'Good read - Maddie'.

Another image that comes in the set with the 'Quiet Inspiration' image.

I finished the album off with another pocket and journaling page.

I haven't included all of the pages in this album - I thought this post was long enough!! I also left some blank pages and pockets for my daughter to make up herself. Hope she likes it!

Thanks for looking!
Happy Crafting :)