Friday, June 29, 2012

The 'do'

Again, I used Pebbles Inc Hip Hip Hooray collection (one of my current favorites!) I also used Pebbles sticker flowers, american crafts buttons, twine and embroidery floss.
This layout is of my daughter's recent haircut. It is a big 'taboo' subject in my house as my husband refuses to let her get her hair cut short! She has been growing her hair since she was a baby, only once getting it cut shorter (it's normally only allowed to be a trim!) - and boy did I get in ALOT of trouble for that one!!! Lol!
He finally gave in to all the pestering and let her get her hair cut shorter (it still had to be longer than the typical bob!) Well, when we went to the hairdressers they weren't busy, and so she got pampered! Receiving the full styling treatment! She loved it!

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  1. fantastic layout, love all your pics, great photo op!